Thursday, May 05, 2005

Knowing things helps you avoid stupid comments
Little Green Footballs posts this picture of a Hamas campaign blimp under the headline "Suicide Blimp," and then leaves it esssentially without commentary. Readers are supposed to understand that this blimp is advertising suicide bombing for the deranged Palestinian masses or something, and we're all supposed to get a kick out of how superior we are and marvel at the righteousness of Israeli expansionism. Except that if LGF could read Arabic, he might notice that the balloon calls for "change and reform," not suicide bombing, which is exactly the sort of behavior we should hope for out of Hamas. The fact that they are contesting elections instead of carrying out terror operations is a positive sign. LGF's post is emblematic of all the stupid commentary floating around the Internets about the Middle East, most of it based on about two seconds' worth of knowledge cribbed from Dan Pipes. And if you really want to make yourself sick, read the comments section, where the racist LGF braintrust says things like "The IDF has F-16I's These poor suckers have .... hot air baloons. I think we can extrapolate to the societies, can't we?" (For the uninitiated, the IDF is the Israeli military). As I've said before on a number of occasions, the degree to which the radical right in America has attached itself to the most extreme Israeli policies in the West Bank and Gaza is astounding.


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