Saturday, March 12, 2005

Today's Brig. Gen. Jack D. Ripper Prize:
"The Democrats might thereby mature from the insistence of too many that nothing be done about pressing questions (such as Iraq). They might grow beyond limiting their support for "choice" to issues such as abortion. Indeed, by returning to a positive mode about fixing Social Security rather than unadulterated negativism - by rejoining the debate - they might begin contributing to a permanent solution at last." - Ross Mackenzie,

It really amuses me when far-right political pundits try to give Democrats political advice, as if, as fucking if, they have our best interests at heart. The trouble with Mackenzie's argument is that there isn't anything wrong with Social Security right now, and there won't be until at least 2042, when some minor tweaks (raising the retirement age) will make the system solvent as far as the eye can see. Republicans want -- need -- Democratic surrender on this issue because Social Security is perhaps the key institutional structure of the New Deal, and proof that government can fill in where the market fails. If the GOP succeeds in demolishing the New Deal, they will cripple the Democrats. The Democrats, for once, understand this, and they also understand that most Americans believe in Social Security and don't wish to see a bunch of trust-fund baby Republican senators screwing around with it so that a handful of securities companies can make a quick buck. Like many of my fellow Americans, I am not interested in Social Security "choice," so long as I have a guaranteed set of retirement benefits that Ken Lay and his ilk can't take away from me.
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