Friday, March 18, 2005

Someone slap the headline writer
The AP says that "GOP Asks Brain-Damaged Woman to Testify." Well, that seems reasonable enough until you read the story. You see, there's a big difference between brain-damaged and brain-dead. Rick Santorum and Ann Coulter are brain-damaged. Terry Schiavo is brain-dead.

In a transparently procedural move, the radical clerics in Congress want to put off the date of reckoning for this poor woman, who, if her brain waves weren't flatter than a Kansas highway, certainly would not approve of having been turned into a political football and a tool of the extreme right. Schiavo is in a persistant vegetative state and has absolutely no hope of ever recovering even a modicum of normal brain function. Her husband, who has been vilified by the right-wing media, has been trying for years to have her taken off life support, to put an end to her pointless suffering, and so he can get on with his life. Both the Florida Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court have declined to interfere with doctors who were planning on removing her feeding tube. Bill Frist and company think that they know the intricacies of her case from their offices in Washington, D.C. better than the men and women who have been treating her for the last decade.

But apparently no interference in the personal lives of American citizens is too great for the gang of medieval inquisitors currently the ruining running the country. It is also evidence, along with the steroids "hearings" that this Congress values political grandstanding much more than actual governance. Make sure you write a living will, people, or else you may find yourself wheeled in front of the House Committe on Government Reform so that Denny Hastert can decide whether or not you should be allowed to die in peace.


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