Thursday, March 10, 2005

The right appropriates hot Lebanese women
Like a bunch of fatuous, drooling dogs, neo-con armchair revolutionaries are falling all over themselves to genuflect before the doe-eyed lady demonstrators in Beirut. I knew before that sex is used to sell pretty much everything in this world, but this is something entirely new. The sex appeal of Lebanese women is being used to drum up support for the country's opposition. The Weekly Standard, which will go down in history as the most culpable journalistic cheerleader for the Iraq War, has declared the dawn of a new day in the Middle East , propelled by "people power," most notable the aforementioned hotties with Lebanese flags painted on their faces, almost all of them pictured with their mouths open (see last week's cover of The Economist), ala an Angelina Jolie movie poster. The clear implication for lonely GOP men -- street protests are cool. Women will fuck you if you protest. Pretty ones too.

The right's newfound appreciation for popular demonstrations is particularly ironic since the only way you can get a Republican to a protest is to open an abortion clinic or crack the cover of Huckleberry Finn in front of an Applebees or something. I wonder if any of them are brave enough to fly to Beirut and stand with the Lebanese themselves, or better yet, to travel somewhere they might actually be in danger -- perhaps Amman, where the regime is muzzling the protests of civil society while George Bush sits in silence.

However, the right has been conspicuously silent about the gargantuan Hezbollah demostration yesterday , expressing solidarity against U.S. and French intervetion in Lebanese politics. Most observers estimate the crowd at 500,000 to 1 million, in a country of less than 4 million people. Even if some of those people were bussed in from Syria, as some neo-cons have alleged, it's still a huge deal. However, an enormous crowd expressing sympathy with Syria and antipathy to the U.S. does not fit the neat, packaged storyline currently being fed to the media and the public of a sudden democratic tsunami sweeping across the Middle East, demolishing the rickety autocratic boardwalks in one fell swoop. The truth, even in Lebanon, is much more complicated. As I argued earlier, we may be witnessing authoritarian regimes reconstituting themselves in more democratic garb. And we all know that clothes don't make the man. So far this appears to be happening in Lebanon, where the recently-resigned PM Karami has been asked to form a new government by the parliament, in which the opposition is still a minority. And the opposition's claims to speak for all Lebanese have been conclusively shattered by yesterday's demonstration.

But then again, Hezbullah didn't feature hot chicks with lipstick and painted-on flags, so it must not be an authentic expression of democratic yearning.


At 1:08 PM, Blogger Matt said...

Ok, But you I think you still need to explain why the Lebanese women against Syria are way hotter than the pro-Syrian demonstrators

At 12:40 AM, Blogger David Faris said...

Hi Matt,
Thanks for dropping by. My point is that the appearances of the demonstrators should be irrelevant. Plus, I'm sure there are plenty of attractive Hezbollahis -- our media just isn't interested in foxy Muslims.

At 8:57 AM, Blogger Bill Petti said...

Just to follow up on the women of Lebanon issue.


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