Monday, March 21, 2005

David Horowitz can't take a joke
The narcissistic right-wing pundit and self-promoter David Horowitz, who spearheads the movement to destroy academic tenure by sending brainwashed young conservatives into classrooms in order to complain their way out of bad grades, objects to this satire by Billmon. He then goes on to pedantically point out the difference between Chinese Maoists and Students For Academic Freedom, as if the satire were meant to be taken literally. Ok fine, fine, fine, you humorless hack, we understand that SAF isn't actually anywhere near as bad as the Cultural Revolution. But then, without a trace of irony, he includes an exhortation at the top right of the post to "Send this to your e-brigades!" I mean, Horowitz, baby, if you don't like the analogy, maybe you should try making it less apt.


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