Saturday, January 15, 2005

In order to save Fallujah...
The L.A. Times reports from Fallujah:

"It's kind of bad we destroyed everything, but at least we gave them a chance for a new start," said Navy corpsman Derrick Anthony, 21, of Chicago.

Remind anyone of any famous quote from the Vietnam War? (Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know that maybe Arnett made it up, but no one can actually prove it.)

I also think the headline writers at the Times are pretty clever: "After Leveling City, U.S. Tries to Build Trust." I can see future headlines in unrelated fields, like "After Destroying Sport, NHL Players, Owners Try to Build Trust" and "After Fabricating and Embellishing Pre-War Claims, Administration Tries to Build Trust."

Good luck with that one!


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