Thursday, December 16, 2004

Your friends and neighbors are insane racist mass murderers
I followed a link from a conservative blog to a site called Progressive Conservative. I found perhaps the most sickening entry I've ever seen on a blog, and that's saying something. Someone called Markkind had this to say about his vote for George W. Bush:

During this past election cycle when befuddled friends and family asked me why on Earth was an educated social worker like myself voting for George W. Bush I usually answered, "Because I think he'll kill more Arabs than Kerry." Now if you're still reading this, I'll explain why I would say such a thing and how some of my thinking has changed since I first uttered that phrase. Prior to the Iraqi war, I was of the belief that the Arab/Persian/Muslim world could not be reasoned with under any circumstances and it was only a matter of time before the Arabs ET. Al. had the bomb, which they would then give to any number of terrorist organizations. I felt that the governments of Arab ET. Al. nations were not serious in their commitment to the "War on Terror" and would continue to play the terrorist organizations against the Western World until the true nature of Wahhabism revealed itself in the form of a nuclear attack on US soil. Looking at the two candidates at the time, I felt that the Bush administration would be the safest bet to take the fight to the Arab ET. Al. doorstep rather than a potential Kerry administration. I was of the belief that there could never be a reform movement in the Muslim world and the only language the
terrorists, the Mullahs and the Arab leaders understood was "shock and awe". In short, I thought Bush would kill more Arabs than Kerry would.

Here you have the culmination of all the sub-literate drivel that slithers into the mainstream media about a clash of civilizations, about how Arabs "only understand force," about the War on Terror, and you see the sort of effect it has on ordinary people who clearly don't know even the first tiny little thing about the Middle East. It seems to have turned them into bloodthirsty and militant racists who give their vote to one person rather than another because he believes his chosen candidate will "kill more Arabs" than the other guy. Now, it seems this blossoming young Curtis LeMay is having second thoughts about "blowing up" "the Persians."

Every time you're thinking about disengaging from politics, every time you wonder if maybe George W. Bush can't possibly ruin this country in four more short years, think about this fellow, and remember that you share a country with him.


At 11:38 PM, Blogger jdeadzone said...

It gets more and more wearing to read and hear the spiraling attack on democracy, tolerance and rationality. We need a cure for hostility of the arrogant, the ignorant and the just-plain-stupid. Now the move to curtail the rights of muslim americans, invade computer email privacy and make congress a one party operation. It's becoming more unbearable every day.


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