Sunday, December 19, 2004

Yankees lock up 2005 AL Pennant
The Yankees are on the verge of pulling off a trade for Randy Johnson, only the most dominant left-handed pitcher in the last 20 years, and perhaps the most fearsome pitcher ever. Here's my question -- why do teams continue to trade their best players to the Yankees? They almost never get anything out of it. It's like small business owners offering their property to Wal-Mart in exchange for a job at the cash register. If the Yankees sign Carlos Beltran, I swear to God I'm not watching a single baseball game this year. And I'm not kidding.


At 4:57 PM, Blogger Annie DiMario said...

They keep trading their best players to the Yankees because they need the money is the simple answer. the more complicated one is that, for teams who can't afford to take chances, the "best" players this second may not be the best players for their particular team long-term.

The Yankees may well sign Beltran, but please don't stop watching baseball. Does the Johnson negate Beltran now? I really, really think the Red Sox will end up with Johnson somewhere along the line, and you know the Red Sox are certainly approaching Yankee-like proportions of stupidity and short-term fixes with their pursuit of established, old players while the farm system falls apart.

Furthermore, the Yankees are idiots for letting El Duque and Vazquez (yes, I said Vazquez -- I still hold tremendous hopes for him) go.


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