Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The Times and Iraq
Something I've noticed since the administration launched this debacle in Iraq is that the The New York Times seems reluctant to report on anything except Iraq, Israel-Palestine, and to a much lesser extent, Iran and Syria. And when they do write anything about countries other than Iraq, it is usually driven by whatever hardline blather is coming out of Rumsfeld's mouth at the moment. There seems to be almost no independent reporting about other trends and currents in the region -- reporting inspired by something the reporters sees on the ground rather than the latest press release from the state department.

Today on the Web site, for instance, there are nine articles about Iraq, two about Israel-Palestine, one about Iran, and one about Colin Powell's trip to the reform-minded Arab Forum in Morocco. I understand the need for disproportionate Iraq coverage since hundreds of thousands of Americans are tied down there, but this is embarrassing. The most important newspaper in the country needs to do more than this.


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