Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Well, duh
The New York Times reports that "scores" of insurgents left Fallujah before the American assault which began two days ago, and that now they're coordinating attacks on Americans in other parts of the country. This should not surprise anyone, as I noted earlier. Fallujah was perhaps the single most telegraphed military assualt in the history of warfare, with the exception of the Iraq War itself, which was originally planned in 1996 by the group of paranoid and dystopian ideologues now running our foreign policy.

Despite the fact that many rebels have fled, it does appear that some have decided to stand and fight. Juan Cole writes that 23 American soldiers and countless Iraqi civilians and soldiers have been killed in the past two days, and that American forces are facing probably the most determined opposition they've experienced since arriving in Iraq in March 2003. What a revolting mess the whole thing truly is.

But thanks again, America, for re-electing the architect of the most disastrous strategic blunder in a generation!


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