Sunday, November 28, 2004

Today's Brig. Gen. Jack D. Ripper Prize:
"There is another side, too. Over the first six months of this year, assaults on Metro bus drivers increased 50 percent from the previous year. I won't excuse these assaults. But they do merit explanation. Might not buses hours late raise the temperature of individual tempers?" - Paul Jacob,

Wait, I thought we weren't supposed to explain violence! Wouldn't that be hating America or something? I suppose assaulting people is only all right (or perhaps explainable) when the victims are government employees performing the anti-American task of driving buses and steering trains in the public transit system. Jacob's rant is another in a long line of brain-dead diatribes against public transit, which again and again commits the unforgivable sin of not turning a consistent profit. Someone should tell Jacob how much the highway and road system costs every year. Does it turn a profit? No? But it's still vital, right?

Look, I'm sure people have some legitimate beefs with public transportation, but until they get it through their thick skulls that the transportation infrastructure is not, strictly speaking, a capitalist enterprise, we're going to have the same ridiculous argument over and over again. Memo to flat-Earth conservatives: highways are not "profitable" without massive subsidies. Is it too much for the cities to get the same treatment as the rest of the country? Or is this one more part of red-state America's war against urbanites?


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