Monday, November 22, 2004

Today's Brig. Gen. Jack D. Ripper Prize: "Why didn't we liberate Fallujah nine months ago? Because the war against the war waged by the Democratic Party made it politically too difficult in an election year. That's why the Fallujah offensive began after the election result and this is why criticism in time of war is a serious business and why the outrages of this campaign -- the hysterical exploitation of Abu Ghraib, the reckless accusations that the President lied, that the war was a "fraud concocted in Texas" for the benefit of Haliburton is more than the usual political mudslinging. Those who have laid these charges at the President's door, who have forced delays in the conduct of the war and shaped its tactics -- Ted Kennedy, Howard Dean, John Kerry, Michael Moore -- have done more than slander the commander-in-chief. Because he is the commander in chief and America is at war, they have gotten Americans killed as well." -- the always-unhinged David Horowitz.

So let me get this straight -- the Democrats criticize this increasingly ugly catastrophe of a war, which was and is a legitimate campaign issue. George W. Bush -- our steel-jawed War President -- then responds by conducting the war as part of his re-election campaign, capitulating to insurgents and then delaying the assault on Fallujah until after the election, and this is somehow Michael Moore's fault? Listen, Horowitz, you hate-filled crypto-fascist, the only person that has gotten Americans killed in Iraq is George W. Bush himself, the architect of America's greatest strategic calamity in 30 years. Stop hiding behind the bogeymen of the left, and start facing up to the consequences of your own failed policies. If trashing Fallujah were truly the answer (which it isn't) then Bush should have done it a year ago, no matter what Howard Dean was saying.


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