Monday, November 15, 2004

Today's Brig. Gen. Jack D. Ripper Prize:
"Due to massive Islamic immigration over the past several decades -- immigration that has brought the repressive teachings of sharia into soon-to-be Muslim majority Dutch cities -- it is Holland, not America, where religious fanaticism is ascendant, theocratic dictatorship is really a possibility and Manhattan is definitely expendable. Amid the tulips, windmills and jihadist mosques, Holland now contends with the same murderous forces of reaction that American and Iraqi troops face in Fallujah." - Diana West,

Actually, Diana, you ignorant paranoiac, Muslims are about 1/16 of the Dutch population, and comprise no more than 10% in any major city. I know it's tought to do real, actual research on your columns, but you could at least try. For the record, the murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh was despicable, but no reason to demonize the entire Dutch Muslim population, a plurality of whom hail from Turkey, hardly a hotbed of Islamic militancy. And if the Netherlands were truly facing "the same murderous forces of reaction that American and Iraqi troops face in Fallujah," then Amsterdam would look like Grozny. The Dutch, like most countries, have a problem with a dangerous and lunatic Muslim fringe, but let's not blow things entirely out of proportion.

Finally, no one in America is seriously concerned about Inquisition-style theocracy in the United States. What we're concerned about is the creeping hollowing-out of the barrier between church and state in this country, and the correspondence between evangelical desires and Bush Administration policy -- from abortion to gay marriage. It's scary, and it's real, unlike the thesis of your deranged column.


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