Sunday, November 07, 2004

Today's Brig. Gen. Jack. D. Ripper Prize: "With the liberals' billions of dollars spent, all the months and years invested, all the conjured-up hatred of and hard-spun misinformation regarding Bush, with the illegitimate exit polls and the self-deceived congratulatory pats on the backs, they hoped that their amoral vision for America would be bought by the majority. Instead, all of this has concluded with Bush stomping Kerry like a cockroach. That's got to leave a mark. Yes, the cocksure Dim-o-crats' vision for America landed them not in the White House but in the Out House, where they belong." -Doug Giles,

Ah, nothing like a cockroach metaphor to get that reconciliation started! Giles makes the same idiotic mistake of thinking that Bush won the biggest victory in history because he got the most votes in history (once again, it's called population growth, you idiot) when in fact he won with a bare majority. Go read the article yourself -- it's sad that people with a third-grader's grasp on the English language can now win a coveted spot as a columnist for this much-read website, but then again, it's more or less indicative of the level of public discourse these days, isn't it? Incidentally, that goes for ticked-off liberals calling Bush voters "Dumb F**ks" or referring to red-staters as "pig fuckers." Enough already.


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