Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The ridiculous MNF controversy
I must admit that although I had people over the for Eagles-Cowboys game on Monday night, we had the Terrell Owens - Nicollette Sheridan segment on mute, so I didn't really watch what was going on very closely. Here is what happened:

The segment opened with actress Nicollette Sheridan, clad in only a towel, standing near Owens in the Eagles' locker room. On ABC's new hit series, Sheridan plays a character named Edie Britt, a multiple divorcee who has had a number of sexual conquests in her fictional neighborhood.
Sheridan: "My house burned down and I need to take a long, hot shower. . . . So where are you off to looking so pretty?"
Owens: "Baby, it's 'Monday Night Football.' Game starts in 10 minutes."
Sheridan: "Oh, you and your little games. . . . I've got a game we can play."
Later, with her back to the camera, Sheridan dropped the towel and Owens said, "Aw, hell, the team's going to have to win one without me."

Apparently, this has the "moral values" crowd up in arms, just like the Janet Jackson incident from the 2004 Super Bowl. I say phooey. There will be those who argue that Democrats need to get out in front of issues like this, but I think that people need to get over themselves. And if the Democrats sell out and start supporting censorship, that will be the day I walk out of the party. If some Tipper Gore-lite politician tries to win swing votes by denouncing this segment, it will only demonstrate that politicians are completely out of touch with the most important problems facing the country. I mean, really, what's the bigger problem here -- a racy promo, or the 68 American soldiers who've been blown to bits fighting the increasingly fruitless and bloody counter-insurgency war in Iraq this month?

If parents don't want their kids seeing the naked backside of some Desperate Housewife, they should have the TV tuned to PAX or Nickolodean. It's a free country, and the moral values zealots are always stressing self-reliance and responsibility. How about they rely on themselves to keep the TV off during prime time? Read the kids a frickin' book.

Also, it's a good thing T.O. decided to ditch Sheridan and play the game -- he scored three touchdowns. The thought of all those passes going to the wretched Todd's just too much.


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