Saturday, November 06, 2004

Dumbest thing I've read today
NRO writer Donald Luskin gloats over the election results. This is all well and good, and frankly, I'd be gloating if I were him too. Luskin's fame and notoriety (such as they are) are built almost entirely on a series of columns he writes for NRO called the Krugman Truth Squad, in which he tries to take apart Krugman's columns piece by piece and to point out his "lies."

In any case, Luskin seems to think that George Bush's re-election spells the end of the liberal blogosphere:

But as a blogger, I take special pleasure in the sudden and ignominious ending of the 15 minutes of fame of such online smear artists as Brad DeLong, Joshua Marshall, Markos Moulitsas (who blogs as “Kos”), and Duncan Black (who blogs as “Atrios”).

These bloggers have constituted an online echo-chamber, amplifying and repeating the party line dictated by liberal alpha wolves like Krugman and McAuliffe. At the same time, they have acted as an “oppo research” network, digging up unsubstantiated Bush-bashing lies that pundits like Krugman can then validate simply by publishing them in respectable media. And where do you think the money comes from so that these bloggers can sit around all day in their pajamas blogging, instead of doing real work? No surprise — some of it comes from George Soros.

So let me get this straight -- liberal bloggers spend four years with George W. Bush in the White House building their following and increasing their readership, and his re-election is supposed to bode ill for their fortunes? I almost fell out of my chair laughing, both because the traffic on those sites is doing fine, and because Bush's re-election will be an absolute bonanaza for liberal bloggers. If anyone is going to have the clock on their fifteen minute go ding, it would Luskin, since Krugman's on vacation for two months. And just so Luskin knows, the money that funds liberal bloggers does not come from George Soros -- all he has to do is follow his own link to one of his own articles, which of course says nothing of the sort. All it says is that Soros sent money to the Center For American Progress, hardly a linchpin of the left-wing blogosphere. Bloggers get their money from advertisements and donations from readers.

Finally, just so Luskin knows, Moulitsas and company don't just sit around all day in their pajamas -- they serve as crucial strategizing and fund-raising sites for the left, which was united in way it hasn't been in 30 years during this election season. And mind you, Luskin can't come with a single "Bush-bashing lie" peddled by Kos or Josh Marshall, because most of what they've written has turned out to be true (I'm thinking of al-Qaqaa). So while he might like Atrios and Talking Points to just whither away and die, it ain't gonna happen. Even if Atrios is pissed and not coming back until tomorrow.


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