Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Apoplectic neo-cons
At some point you have to wonder if round-Earth Republicans will someday come to regret their alliance with the lunatic Israeli right-wing fringe. Now that Arafat is dead, there is essentially no excuse for Bush and Sharon to continue ignoring the festering sore at the heart of Middle Eastern turmoil, better known as the Iraqi quagmire the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It appears as though Bush will be forced to try his dumb luck at diplomacy. But don't tell the fanatics that the jig is up. Over at FrontPage Magazine, where everyone to the left of Evan Bayh is a fifth-columnist, Don Feder tells us:

In reality, Arafat reflected the Palestinian mentality perfectly. Like him, the Palestinians are bloodthirsty, treacherous, sadistic, nihilistic anti-Semites who would rather kill a Jew than have a decent life.

They are no more ready to live in peace than the Huns of Attila or the Germans under Hitler.

At the end of The Road Map -- to be presided over by the Quartet: the UN, EU, Russia and the U.S. -- lies Auschwitz.

Well all-righty then. Mr. Feder apparently believes that no negotiations with the Palestinians are possible, because in his mind the Palestinians are all -- every one! -- Nazis who want nothing more than Jewish heads on pikes. I suspect that Mr. Feder and his gang of hysterical anti-Arab racists will be in for quite a shock if Bush decides to put any real weight behind a peacemaking initiative. At that point we'll see whether this weird coalition of American Likudnik extremists and Republican pragmatists was anything more than a short-term alliance of convenience.

If Bush really wants to make peace in the Middle East, he'll have to stand up to Feder, David Horowitz, Chuck Krauthammer, Bill Safire, Daniel Pipes (who he appointed to the U.S. Institute of Peace) and the whole ignominious crew of extremist apologists for Israeli occupation. Forget the coming civil war in Israel between the government and the settlers -- keep your eye on the upcoming civil war in the American right wing, between those who recognize that America has a keen interest in a just settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and those who think that Israel has a right to the "Biblical" lands of "Judea and Samaria" and that the millions of Palestinian inhabitants of those lands should be kept in a condition of resentful, abject poverty and statelessness in perpetuity.


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