Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Red Sox look finished
Down 2-0 to the Yankees after throwing their aces at Yankee Stadium, the Red Sox are in much worse shape than the Astros. Houston at least gets to throw Clemens and Oswalt on normal rest at home in games 3 and 4, with a chance to get back in the series. And I wouldn't count them out in Game 2 either. But the Red Sox now must avoid going down 3-0 with Bronson Arroyo, a good pitcher but no one's idea of an ace. Schilling apparently is crippled by an ankle injury and may not return in the series. Pedro looks human. The bats went to sleep against a very ordinary Jon Lieber at precisely the wrong time. Will these guys ever get over the hump?

I have to admit that with all the political excitement, I haven't been this tuned out of baseball's postseason in years. I don't think I've watched even a single game all the way through.


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