Thursday, October 14, 2004

Kerry wins again
The best thing about reading NRO's the Corner after the debate tonight was watching reality dawn on these star-fuckers slowly throughout the course of the evening. Early on, they were all convinced that Bush had scored a "big victory." Shortly after the debate, before the insta-polls trickled in, Stanley Kurtz wrote:

But the commentators seem to be scoring this as an even bigger win for the
president than I did. I am thrilled to concede the point! Bush didn’t just
win–he won big! It doesn’t take much to convince me of that.

He won big? Um, fellas, reality sucks, but at some point you have to face it. The CNN poll had Kerry crushing Bush 39-25. ABC had a 1-point Kerry win, but oversampled Republicans to the tune of 8 %. The media talking heads have been wrong after every single debate. Remember Brooks calling the first debate "a draw"?

The truth is starting to filter in at the Corner. John Hood just peeked in to note:

Lots of Cornerites may think that President Bush outperformed John Kerry tonight, but don't expect that to be the media spin over the next 24 hours. Insta-polls for CNN and CBS show a win for Kerry. Virtually everyone on CNN is calling it a win, even a "decisive win," for Kerry. MSNBC is noncomittal but mildly Kerryish. The media want all three debates as a unit to form an inflection point, pushing Kerry into a narrow lead so as to increase viewership and excitement. It looks like the Bush team will have to win the debate spin in order to claim a win of the third debate itself.

Please notice how pathetic this really is. Even though the post-debate commentators seemed slightly pro-Bush, somehow the media "spin" has turned what should have been a victory for Bush into a loss. Scientific polls showing that his man lost the debate -- again! -- are derided as "media spin."

It's also difficult to see how this could be blamed on the SCLM, since Schieffer turned the last half hour of the debate into a series of softballs for Bush about faith and, most astoundingly, about his wife. The most important election in years is weeks away, and Bob Schieffer thinks the most pressing issue is how much these guys love their wives.



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