Monday, October 25, 2004

Gas tax irony
I think it's strange that the Bushies are running a Kerry Gas Tax Calculator on their campaign website. For one thing, it's been a pretty long time since John Kerry supported a 50-cent gas tax, so the attack is quite dishonest. It's been so long that all the Bush campaign can honestly say is that Kerry "has supported" such an increase. For all we know it could have been in 1985, back when Dick Cheney was voting to keep Nelson Mandela in jail.

But more importantly, I would think the Bush administration would not want to draw attention to gas prices in this country whatsoever. Down the street, my local West Philadelphia Sunoco is selling unleaded gasoline for $2.09 a gallon, which is far more than anything I've ever paid in my lifetime. While the price is still lower, in inflation-adjusted terms, than prices during the gas shocks of the 1970s, they are still much, much higher than they were when this administration took office. Near the end of the Clinton administration, I was paying $.88 a gallon in some parts of New Jersey. Regardless of whether or not you blame George W. Bush entirely for this increase, it's not an aspect of his record that I think his advisors would want to highlight.


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