Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Cheney remark
I agree with Sully. The scuttlebutt over Kerry talking about Cheney's daughter in the debate last night is indicative of rampant prejudice against gays in this country. BC04 made gay marriage an issue in the campaign, cynically pushing a divisive amendment that they knew would fail in order to gain political points. The moderator asked Kerry and Bush about choice and homosexuality, and Kerry gave a courageous answer, using Cheney's daughter to humanize people who are still second-class citizens.

The GOP's faux-outrage about Cheney's daughter is completely hypocritical, since Cheney responded positively to a remarkably similar comment by Edwards in the VP debate. The fact that this little tussle is overshadowing Bush's much more substantive lie about Osama bin Laden is a crying shame.


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