Wednesday, July 14, 2004

A must read interview
The American Prospect has published its interview with former Carter National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski. Carter's right-hand man has a way of cutting through the cheap moralizing of the Bush administration and exposing it for the empty and farcical nonsense that it is. Brzezinski argues that the neocons have violated the "moderate inner core" of humane realism that characterized fifty years of American foreign policy. He also has some unpopular things to say about the so-called "War on Terror":

America cannot simultaneously wage a war against those who threaten us and become a protagonist in every other part of the world. It is also senseless to claim, as Vice President [Dick] Cheney has, that terrorists hate all nations and all peoples. In fact, the terrorists in [Northern Ireland] are waging war against the British. And, obviously, we are on the side of the British. But the terrorists in Ulster are not waging a war on the Argentines. And the terrorists in Kashmir are waging a war against Indians, but not against Finns.

The words of a wise man, indeed. It would be nice to see someone like this in power again.


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