Wednesday, October 08, 2003

The long view
Bill Safire thinks Iraq's Kurds should take the long view and not complain about Turkish troops manning the garrisons for the occupation. Considering that part of the quid-pro-quo here is the U.S. going after the PKK, the Kurdish insurgent group which fought a bloody battle against the Turkish government from the mid-80s to 1999, I wouldn't expect the Iraqi Kurds to roll out the red carpet for the Turks anytime soon. Safire should read After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness?, a harrowing chronicle of the betrayal and subjugation of the Kurds perpetrated by the U.S. and the West, with the gleeful and vicious collusion of the Turkish, Iraqi, Syrian and Iranian governments, before he tells Iraqi Kurds to turn the other cheek for Ankara's ethno-nationalists. Turkish troops in Iraq is a very bad idea. Don't say no one told you so, W.


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