Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Despair not
There are plenty of reasons to be upset about the California recall, not least of which is that the Republicans now control the four largest states -- California, Texas, New York, and Florida -- going into the 2004 election. Once again, the principles of meritocracy in government have been spat upon gleefully, like the prisoner in The Life of Brian, and the new governor of California will take office having secured the votes of about 12% of the population.

But as one blogger notes:
Schwarzenegger is pro-choice, pro-gay rights (though not gay-marriage), and pro-free trade. He wants to legalize marijuana for for medical purposes. He opposes offshore drilling and supports a ban on assault rifles. He has been coy about whether he intends to raise taxes -- suggesting that he may do so to balance the budget. Indeed, he has about as much in common with Tom Delay or Trent Lott as Bill Clinton does. He even seems to have some of Clinton’s “women troubles”, if you know what I mean.

So we're not talking about the rise of the next Kurt Waldheim here -- just one of his friends. If he governs like the social liberal he's alleged to be, reproductive rights are not in danger. And remember, Al Gore blew away George Bush in New York three years ago despite George Pataki, and a plurality of Florida's voters went to the polls intending to vote for him (not to mention all the ex-cons who were disenfranchised) on election day despite W.'s brother running the statehouse. Scharzenegger's election changes the Democratic calculus for 2004 only marginally, at least at this point. Besides, chances are, despite the misplaced optimism (and tortured rationalization) of Kausfiles, Schwarzenegger will make a fool of himself pretty quickly.

But seriously, enough politics. My question is this -- couldn't Arnold have turned out the lights on his movie career with a better movie than T -freaking -3?


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