Thursday, August 21, 2003

Magazine: The New Republic
Subject: Objectivity
Grade: D

The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), has displayed a vicious animus against Howard Dean since the beginning of the race to challenge Bush. Not surprisingly, the DLC's mouthpiece, The New Republic, mirrors that hostility. In the magazine's self-important "TNR Primary" various writers have given Dean poor marks for things like "intellectual honesty" and "domestic policy." Meanwhile, favorite son Joe Lieberman's recent marks include 'A's' for domestic policy (twice), intellectual honesty, foreign policy, and "political courage." One of Lieberman's A's came from Spencer Ackerman, who lauded the Connecticut senator for being the only candidate to publicly blast Bush's cynical pay cut for U.S. soldiers in Iraq. Of course, Dean publicly lashed out at the Bush administration for the same issue on the same day, but you know, he's unelectable, right?

I think the TNR primary has been held, and we already have a winner.


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